Do One Thing

What is Your One Thing?

The Avian & Wildlife Laboratory is proud to join with Dr. Greg and Linda Harrison in providing special events at the annual ExoticsCon and AAZV meetings.

  • ExoticsCon 2016: “Broad and Deep: Assessing the Toxic Effects of Deepwater Horizon Oil on Wildlife” with Dr. Ryan Takeshita. A review of the Natural Resources Damage Assessment of the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill. Acute and long term changes; planning for the next restoration phase.
  • AAV 2017: Racing Extinction – Utilizing state of the art equipment, Oscar winning director Louie Psihoyos assembles a teach of artists and activists intent on showing the world never before seen images that expose issues of endangered species and mass extinction.
  • AAZV/AEMV/ARAV/AAFV 2017: “Embrace the Ocean: Your Friend for Life” with Dr. Al Dove the Georgia Aquarium. An amazing review of Dr. Dove’s work with the whale shark including the first health assessment of this impressive species.
  • ExoticsCon 2018: The Toad People – A grassroot campaign: normal every day people band together to make small and big changes to help the Western toad. This is a great movie that you need to see.
    Change the world and save the planet by in changing the way you live your life. Sounds like it is too much to do? You can’t make an impact? Change sounds hard but there are many simple steps you can take that are well within reach. Not only can they help the environment, they make you feel better, too! Read on for some of our program participant’s decisions to Do One Thing:
  • Take public transportation
  • Purchase a “green” car
  • Use less plastic bags (Check out – Biobags and Bee’s Wrap)
  • Look for recycled paper options (Check out – Tree-Free Greetings)
  • Stop using disposable plates
  • Join a movement to reduce plastic use and ocean pollution (Check out – 4Ocean)
  • Educate staff, friends, and family about Do One Thing concept
  • Skip eating meat and animal products one day per week
  • Educate children on sustainability
  • Recycle more
  • Start your own program – check out Zoos Victoria program to help save baby birds – Blow Bubbles, Not Balloons
  • Adopt a program at your workplace (check out Holmes Family Vet Clinic way to make a difference)
  • Install solar panels at home
  • Use reusable water bottles and shopping bags
  • Stop using styrofoam cups and containers
  • Start a beach cleanup group